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We have the years of experience to help you maximize the odds for a successful hunting experience through the use of food plot seeds and wildlife management. By utilizing our seminars and consulting services, we can help you attain results the very first season, thus eliminating years of trial and error.

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safari club seminar

We will be presenting our seminar on Wildlife and Property Management Through Food Plots at the 51st Annual Safari Club International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Convention dates ….. February 22 - 25.

Food Plot Seminars and Consulting Services

At Whitetail Food Plots USA, we present food plot seminars to hunters interested in learning how to plant high yield food plots that will attract and hold the most wildlife.  We are based in East Aurora, New York. We also offer a consulting package to property owners which offers a one on one training experience. Our goal is to show you how to get the most out of your hunting property, and our emphases is to maximize results while minimizing expense.

What is a Food Plot

A food plot is a high-yield, protein-rich ‘vegetable garden’ varying in size from 1/4 of an acre to hundreds of acres, and possess a variety of high-quality plants that will attract, grow and hold deer, keeping them within close proximity, and returning frequently to feed. Food plots are a great way to maintain a quality deer herd, maximizing antler growth and body mass.

How to Plant an Effective Food Plot

We present a PowerPoint Seminar, that shows the outdoorsmen and women a variety of techniques to use when planting an effective food plot. Seminars are available for individuals and groups and address several important topics, ranging from types of plants; lime and fertilizers usage, to creating habitat, and even property and herd management through food plot placement.

We recommend using quality food plot seed and planting a variety of plants, including annuals and perennials. A variety of plants provides the nutrition needed for antler and body growth during the spring and summer months, right through the winter months when food (especially that of high-end nutritional value) is necessary for survival.

In addition, we advise you on the types of fertilizers to use for maximum plant growth. Whether your food plot is 1/4 acre or 100 acres, you can be confident that it will attract and hold wildlife from whitetail deer to turkey. The size of your food plot is not nearly as important as the type of plants, plot layout and how well you manage your food plot and its immediate surroundings.