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Plot Perimeter Blend


A blend of Cow Peas, Chicory, Ground Hog Radishes, Premium Alfalfa, and Clovers. A great Summer through early Winter blend provides quality forage that is grazed well. Perimeter planting in narrow strips is suggested as this “annual” blend has been known to regenerate up to three years. Cowpeas grow quickly smothering weeds. The groundhog radish (a member of the daikon radish family) grows quickly with lush green leaves and big roots – an excellent graze crop.


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  • Ground Hog radish is an excellent cover crop with rapid growth.
  • Cow Peas are warm season tolerant with rapid growth noted for smothering weeds and providing excellent forage
  • Oasis Chicory is a high-yielding broad leaf perennial herb that has excellent feed value
  • Crimson is quick growing, high in nitrogen
  • Medium Red Clover is extremely high in nitrogen, quick growing, and an excellent Perfect cover crop to loosen soil best planted from      Spring to late Summer.
  • Alfalfa – this perennial crop can reach a mature height of 12 inches, excellent for attracting and holding deer and other wildlife
  • This blend planted in late Spring can add body mass and antler growth to your Whitetail deer
  • This blend is a premium seed and contains no filler or fescue
  • Germination: You may see the germination of seed and growth in as little as 48 hours
  • Veteran-owned and operated, product quality and customer satisfaction are a priority

Terms & Conditions

Seed is tested annually for germination rates as required by the New York State Seed Improvement Project.

No Returns/Refunds/Exchanges are accepted

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1/4 acre – 2.25 lbs, 1/2 acre – 4.50 lbs


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